Motorcycle sputtering on acceleration

spitting sputtering on acceleration and complete loss of power above 2000 rpms drained floot bowl checked and - Harley Davidson 2005 XL 1200 C Sportster question Oct 11, 2008 · Engine runs nice on idle and will rev well

I’m having an issue when under hard acceleration where the bike will sputter and buck hard as if fuel was being cut completely

A clogged air filter on a motorcycle is another big possible culprit to sputtering issues

25 Aug 2018 While severe, the bike struggles to idle and might even die

when we ride and are crusing around 30-40 mph the engine sputters and coughs

ECE SUPPLY 12,884 views Aug 04, 2017 · My venom x22 has had many recent issues with bogging out and stalling

The Bike: ‘97 XLH 883 (stock) The Problem: When I accelerate from a stop, the engine hesitates carburator spits and pops and sometimes stalls if I don’t pull the clutch in and/or rev the engine a bit harder while taking off

Hi all! This is my first post other than pictures on this site

An engine running out of gas will definitely sputter but if the gas gauge indicates full, the problem lies deeper inside the engine compartment

Typical problems include fuel not being completely burned, too much oil or coolant evaporating

I have an annoying problem which I hoped would go after a long run and a fresh tank of petrol (hadn’t been used in ages)

Jul 24, 2011 · If I just turn it to on, it acts like I have it in accessory

It also looks like I am getting about 15 to 20 miles per gallon

It does ok, if I'm accelerating to pass a car, or get onto the freeway

So the last 50  Any engine not used on a regular basis and stored for an extended period of time can experience problems like poor acceleration or hesitation

The thrill of riding your motorcycle is lessened somewhat if your motorcycle tends to backfire

We took care of that problem and we now let them warm Dec 23, 2018 · Motorcycle Repair, Building, and Restoration

0 Smoke coming from a motorcycle exhaust indicates the engine is not running correctly

I'd be cruising on the highway and step on it and it would cough and sputter and then clear up

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Everything went fine last week when I first started up, went for a 20mile ride, pulled strong

Lately it has been sputtering, under a heavy throttle condition, with a loss of power, and low fuel mileage

Hello, I’ve had my 2008 1000S now a few days and I’ve managed to get it out a couple of times (despite all the rain here in the UK)

After that, I couldn't get above 35mph, and even at that the engine sputtered if I gave it too much

It has fresh gas, so it I have a 1994 honda nighthawk 250 that I just recently bought off of some guy around my area, and he said the carbs prob need to be cleaned bc it has been sitting a while, well I have been riding it but it seems as if it sputters a little, I am uncertain of what to do, I was given an idea, which was to empty the tank and put fresh gas in it with fuel system cleaner treatment and fuel injector Sputtering by name does not seem to be a danger issue but it can lead to a serious problem if not resolved

Exhaust pops happens during acceleration as well, but I got it twice during downshifts

I hope someone can help me figure out why my 2007 1300R all of a sudden started sputtering when I gas it at the low to mid RPM level of each gear

Anyway he told me to bypass the clutch switch as when they turn bad Oct 16, 2011 · My Harley has started spitting and sputtering during normal riding while in 4th and 5th gear - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

28 Jun 2010 My bike starts on the first kick almost every time

A little while ago I decided to put some k&n cone filters on it

Jul 01, 2018 · First of all, you should always warm up your motorcycle to normal operating temperature before riding it

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you've experienced a backfire in the exhaust, which can cause quite a jolt for an unsuspecting rider

FOX Racing rear Shocks, Braced Swing-arm, Fork Brace, Progressive Fork Springs RT Gold Emulators, APE Valve Springs, 1166 Big Bore kit, RS34's, GPZ cams

Vehicle details: Approx 74k miles, 6 speed manual, always premium fuel, all maint up to date, no check engine light on If you figure out the issue, I would definitely be a happy to know what worked! Thanks

spitting popping , missing, hesitation on acceleration indicates a lean condition

It is definitely fully engaged before and after the split second break in continuously smooth acceleration

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The most common reasons are carburetor issues such as a vacuum leak, fuel leak, or tuning issues

When the bike is at an idle, it will bog if you open the throttle all the way to fast

For about a week it worked great but then one day it started backfiring loads and acceleration was terrible

Once we got on the main road I got on the throttle a little and the bike was sputtering and had loss of power

It can be an issue of the fuel injector, leak in the exhaust manifold or leakage in a vacuum

2004 Dyna Lowrider Harley Heavy Breather,Stage 1,Screaming Eagle mufflers

Test ran good - but after 10 mins of highway speed, exited, and re-entered the highway - the hesitation continues on acceleration

Engine Sputtering During hard acceleration (SOLVED?) First off, I am new to this forum

There's always someone around willing to help out with questions or give a friendly wave back

I know these bikes charge the batteries more efficiently at 5500+ rpms

my issue is upon acceleration when I go from 1/8 to 1/4 and 1/2 throttle she sputters if I just open throttle all the way, after a second or so more, she just accelerates fine, screams beautifully if I crank through the remaining gears, accelerate fast, at 3/4 to full throttle all is well I have a 2004 R1 and starting last summer, it acted up

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It's a sinking feeling when you give more gas but the bike sputters out and dies anyway

These motors are designed and tuned to operate within a relatively narrow temperature range

But sometimes when coming to stop Sputtering may have been a bad adjective to use

first thing to do for all these things is to get a When you engage the throttle on your ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile or personal watercraft, you expect your machine to respond by taking off

It started about 2 months after I had the petcock diaphragm recall done when I ran out of gas and had to switch to reserve

If an air filter is dirty and clogged, the engine will not be able to get enough air in the air/fuel mixture it needs to properly power the motorcycle

IN summary: 65 ironhead, sputtering on normal to heavy acceleration (but not on slow  8 Sep 2012 The motorcycle currently has K&N air filter, Harley Dyna mufflers with the center thing punched out, new NGK spark plugs, and that's about it

5 + 7% in an Indiana blizzard---ran it but limited opportunity to drive or get to speed Starts fine Idles okay but stalls sometimes No acceleration w/o babying throttle and/or choke & I'm doing 55 mph, with traffic, and I accelerate just a teeny bit as traffic naturally fluctuates, and it starts sputtering, so I have to accelerate even MORE to get out of that SPUTTER ZONE, or roll of a little throttle, which is already at very little throttle input, so I have a hard time keeping a steady distance from other vehicles comfortably

Stopped at a stoplight and bike wanted to die, sputtering etc

Sometimes when I accelerate from a stop it will sputter and either come very  This coupled with what sounds like the exhaust sputtering and clicking very faintly

If I keep the throttle open all the way it I'll coast till I stop

The accelerator pump diaphragm will wear or crack over time or if left to sit in a fuel filled CV carburetor for extended periods and will eventually deteriorate

However, soon after I filled up the tank and got on the highway towards home, the engine started sputtering and losing power

As I rode further and got on the freeway, it was sputtering notable in any gear, any rpm that was constant

4th gear - with load: revs nice to up to 4000rpm and then bogs down with no combustion until I let off (WOT bogs too)

Part of my commute (about 14 Guy's just a quick question

Before attempting to fix a carburetor problem on your motorcycle, you need to come up with the correct diagnosis

A couple of weeks ago I went to go for a ride with my girlfriend

It's intermittent, but has been occurring more and more Jun 10, 2009 · I also have a 2004 330Ci with the same type of throttle hesitiation at about 3000 rpm under acceleration

I just unearthed it for winter, but prior to the season, I changed the oil, took out the plugs (actually replaced them and gapped the new ones appropriately), added a bit of oil to each of the plug holes before sealing them, and charged the battery with my Feb 15, 2005 · Hello all ! I have 2, 2004 volusia's both bikes do this

Hey guys, Im currently touring on a nighthawk 750- Ever since hitting colorado my bike started slightly sputtering when i accellerate from 2-5k rpm

Both times it happened in the beginning of the ride and only during acceleration

Lately the engine sputters from time to time like there is a vapor lock or stuck fuel injector or bad gas or bad gas flow from one side of the fuel tank to the other

It is still rideable but sometimes when it happens it is always at the wrong time

Motorcycle-Parked   2 Jun 2010 Brand new issue popped up last week

acceleration Sputtering and popping was the first indication of trouble with mine (see: Another one not running)

You folks rock!!! Here's my situation: Bought 2006 Mule 610 290 hours at farm equipment auction for K$4

people? does here but when passing or accelerating, the bike sputters badly, top  19 Jul 2019 The troubles I'm going to describe took place in the placement of the fuel float bowl on carbureted motorcycles over a period of 60 years

Naturally, the first thing you want to  As the problem progresses the vehicle can hesitate or stall when accelerating

I have done no motor work to the bike at all and it is in original condition

But if I'm accelerating hard it sputters when the rpms get high

The bike has pods (I know) and a 4 into 1 with a straight pipe, It has been rejetted and has #42 and #116 jet set up

1974 Suzuki GT750 Lemans (Water Buffalo) Tao Tao 150cc Suddenly Bogging Down, Sputtering, Help!? by: jasong - May 28, My acceleration still isn't 100% but I think it will clear up with proper adjustments At WOT, the bike starts stammering and losing power around 4800rpms

At an idle it will either idle high at just under 1800 rpms or stall out

With the throttle rolled on at a constant level, accelerating after changing gear, the bike pulls smoothly up to 5k revs then kinda hesitates for half a second before pulling cleanly again up to 8k+

Hi all, I just bought my bike about 2 weeks ago and for the most part it runs well

I've experienced what I think was engine misfiring on three separate occasions

after the rpms start acting weird, as I slow down to a stop and pull in the clutch, she stalls out

By acting up I mean that it runs perfectly normal for maybe 10 mins (or until it gets hot) then it starts sputtering

Jun 03, 2013 · So all of a sudden today my bike started sputtering while i was on the road after dropping it into 1st from neutral

The tubes look good Jul 29, 2012 · 2010 FLTRX Wimmer Better Sucker,FM 107 kit with Wood's 777 cams,V&H propipe, nitrous

I thought it might be a vacuum leak so I sprayed some carb cleaner around and couldn't find one

When I put it in gear and start to take off I give her the gas and for a second she will hesitate and not move then it will jump or jerk a little then start to go

Source of this problem can be anywhere whether it can be a spark plug or carburettor

If I let off or grab the next gear and gently roll into it it’s fine up to roughly 10k then will sputter again

I have found that in the past week it has been hesitating and chugging while I ride

Was able to kick it all the way to 4th, but the acceleration seemed to stay under 30 or so

The only thing i can think of The bike is an 1976 R90/6: I'm in the process of (trying) to break-in after a top end rebuild (siebenrock 1000cc kit)

I have noticed, however, that after riding the bike around for ~10 minutes (this is what I noticed on my commute) when I am at a low throttle level in first gear that the bike stutters and jumps forward a little bit

If it hits anywhere in between it's done everything from sputtering during acceleration, shutting down or shutting down just when I let off the Nov 29, 2018 · driveshaft December 12th, 2016

What to expect: A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to  thorough knowledge of off road motorcycles, carburetor assembly, and tuning should be rich enough that it is just a size or two below the “sputter” point when rich you will hear a sputtering like the choke is on and the acceleration will be

My bike is sputtering whenever I give it full throttle The problem of having an engine “sputter” is typically caused by a fuel system issue

I am in love for the first time all over again, but this love will last forever

Basically on Edit: Sputtering happens only during acceleration, especially coming from a stop

When a motorcycle backfires, a malfunction in your motorcycle engine mechanics is evident

Sep 30, 2012 · Welcome to Bike Talk, a forum for all bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts

My problem is a severe stumble on fast acceleration that does not resolve no matter how much adjustment I make to Accel Pump, or Fast Accel inputs

Hi all, I have a brand new 250 atv, its a cheap model, produced in china and called baja - but I know that there are many names for the product

Use the following suggestions to pin down your problem areas so that you can stop your motorcycle from backfiring

3rd gear - with load: revs nicely up to about 5000 rpm and then sputters, acceleration is lurchy

Now I know on cars if the battery becomes disconnected while the motor is running, the alternator keeps everything firing whereas I tried it on my bike, I loosened up the leads on the battery terminals, gave them a wiggle (haha) and it cut off, first it sputtered for a Aug 15, 2012 · Thanks for the reply matey ,I had a spare hour yesterday so had a poking around session to no avail anyway long story short spoke to a guy I know at a kwak dealers to order some new 'o' rings for the injectors and he asked what I was up to so told him and he said hang on ill put you through to our head mechanic he's a z head

Your carburetors each have an air cutout valve on them to reduce the amount of air going to the idle mixture circuits when you are coasting on closed throttle

The sputtering got so bad I called the dealer back and they came and Jun 28, 2015 · Harley SPORTSTER 2007, Lost Power + Backfire + Engine Stalls when push throttle HELP!! - Duration: 1:37

The bike sputters on acceleration and runs rough under load

6 Dec 2010 Bonnie cuts out at high speed accelerationneed help

It quickly slowed down to 60mph despite high throttle, so I pulled over

Other wise, it sounds like it's running rich on the low end of the revs

I have been going over 4) Accelerator pump weak or not spraying

So this past weekend my bike [2012 Custom], has developed a new problem, I don't lose any electrical power, only the engine starts to buck, kick, stumble and pop

This was first noticed when we bought the bikes, if they were not warmed up they would do that until warm

It ll die or stall out, and I ll crank it back up, rev it up and it ll run fine; and then it ll start spitting and sputtering again

Still sputtering in high end first and second gear, haven't even had it in fourth yet

But then it ll start spitting and sputtering when I give it gas later on, almost like it s losing power

Discussion Starter Oct 10, 2010 · I have a 96 Shadow ACE 1100

Why is the engine bogging under acceleration? I recently managed to get the moped running properly, albeit for only a short time

I already cleared my jets and cleaned th When your engine hesitates during acceleration, it may seem to have lost its power for a few seconds

It absolutely will not hit properly at any  11 Jan 2011 only at high speeds when accelerating fast

11 Aug 2010 I have lately noticed my bike being jerky sometimes, I'll watch my RPM's and they will drop for a split second and go right back and it goes like  17 Oct 2014 Basic Components of a Motorcycle Carburetor where the engine typically hesitates before accelerating or surges as the throttle is opened

they may need repacked or replaced also check slider bushes for play in lower legs as this can cause same effect when traveling slowly on bumpy roads

You may think the engine will die, but then it catches and accelerates as usual

Posted: 19:13 - 03 Nov 2014 Post subject: Engine hesitating when accelerating UPDATE: Mystery solved Noticed this on my way home today

There's about 5 minutes or so of neighborhood riding before getting to a main road

I believe it is made by China Tractor Inc, and was told by a friend who used to sell them that they have Yamaha motors

May 08, 2018 · 1981 XJ 650 Maxim The other day I was riding and noticed that the bike had started sputtering upon acceleration

Other  10 Jul 2019 Iam having problems with my yamaha wolverine and it's spitting and sputtering like it's starving for fuel, i bought this bike brand new and this is  It was sputtering if I accelerated hard and would make some popping noises

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Re: 3/4-full throttle: sputtering and VERY low power « Reply #21 on: July 15, 2009, 01:29:10 pm » Yah, it is a pain in the butt, you have to just keep checking stuff and eliminating things until you find it

I'm getting a lot of sputtering and misfires under hard acceleration in the 6-7k rpm range

Check that fuel sprays from the accelerator pump nozzle when rolling on the throttle (test with engine off)

Too Lean When a carburetor is running lean, the fuel-to-air ratio is off because the carburetor is delivering too much air

For pit bikes with smaller cc displacement engines, in order for a cylinder to fire efficiently, three separate components must work together; the fuel delivery system (carburetor), the ignition coil Since I put the stock pipes back on my bike she started sputtering

one other thing to check is brake caliber to make sure it isn’t loose on the slides

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I have 2007 has no power to y&g wire so no fuel no spark so will turn over no start i have remade a new wire harness and the same thing wont start unless i run a hot wire to fuel fuse (y&g) wire then it fires rite up but starts running rich so its not rite but if i mess with four ground wires i will get power to wire but wont start so is it the ecm or bad ground

It will sometimes backfire as it comes out of the hesitation too Oct 30, 2017 · Rocky May 28th, 2016

When your powersport engine hesitates or has poor acceleration, it’s a problem that can leave you stranded on the trail or water

5th gear - with load: same as 4th but at about 2500rpm-ish Engine is sputtering Inspection Service In almost all cases, a sputtering engine is trying to tell you that there is a deeper problem that requires immediate attention

The  11 Dec 2012 It runs fine when fully accelerating, but starts to miss on the left cylinder when a steady speed is attempted

It has a fresh fuel pump, and I keep the torque tube filters clean too

I figured it was altitude at first but the more i think about it- a lean jetted bike should be running better at higher elevations

My bike is now hestitating and sputtering bad when accelerating (at all throttle intervals)This only  14 Sep 2018 Running on Empty

** UPDATE: ** Looks like grunge ryder was right again! Driving my bike around and clearing the B12 out seems like all it was needed

2006 C50c- crashed 2015, parted out 2006 HD Road King FLCRCI 1956 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 (sold) 2010-Guanajuato, Mexico 3 Sisters Loop-Texas Hill Country My 2006 Vulcan 500 started to "misbehave"

Well, my little atv has 300km on I have a 2003 Road King with 2000 miles on it

I removed the air filter and found oil puddled in the bottom of the air filter housing

Things were looking up: I replaced the spark plug, cleaned out the exhaust, adjusted the idle / fuel screws, and even replaced the brakes (I can stop now!)

Mar 20, 2010 · why is my motorcycle sputtering? I have an 07 Honda 919 with approx

The backfiring of the motorcycle is a signal that something isn't quite right

Motorcycle exhausts create some of the most adrenaline-rushing sounds if you're a motorcycle enthusiast

If ignored, such problems can result in significant engine damage, and being able to identify the origin of the smoke, as quickly as Then, put it in first, to go to work, and it was notably sputtering at a low constant rpm

If I juggle it around and see the natural light stays on in its normal position, then its fine

Well, now, if the sound is sputtering/popping, that is caused by lean idle mixture

Soft acceleration (10%)is livable, but any more (20-50%) throttle and she stumbles / hesitates

That helps the piffle-piffle-SNAP! a bit, but, if you're getting the The car starts, idles and runs ok under gentle acceleration

Grabbing a new vacu gauge from HF (to retest) and a can of brake cleaner

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